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NFM Top Feed Vacuum Drum Filter


NFM provides the filter media for all of the vacuum drum filters for many different makes of vacuum drum filters.

  • NFM manufactures vacuum drum filters
  • Drum Filter with division strips/caulked filter cloth
  • Drum Filter with belt discharge filter cloth
  • Drum Filter with string discharge
  • Drum Filter with roll discharge
  • Drum Filter with precoat discharge
  • Drum Filter inside pressure vessel tank
  • Drum Filter top feed

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Caulked Drums

Caulked Filter

Division Strips

Filter Cloth

This is a vacuum drum filter with division strips/caulked filter cloth (note the segments). This type of vacuum drum filter usually discharges the cake with a blow that inflates one segment and is usually scraped off with a scraper blade or some type of deflector. Some cakes that are difficult to discharge may be sluiced of with liquid or discharged with a wire that cuts off the cake. Note that this vacuum drum filter has a cake washing system with spray nozzles to wash soluables through the cake.
NFM division strips hold the grid in place and the filter cloth is placed over the grids and held in place with caulking in the division strips.
NFM provides the filter cloth in many sizes, types of synthetic fibers, and manufacturing detail to insure a good fit of the filter cloth and resistance to chemicals that may be in the process.
NFM supplies many drum covers for Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters. The drum cover is held in place with caulking cord and is easily installed with a NFM caulking hammer. NFM provides many style of drum covers in nylon, polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. NFM provides many sizes and styles of caulking material including braided ropes and elastomers.
This NFM caulking hammer will greatly reduce the time required for the installation of a drum filter cloth.
There are many applications in Vacuum Drum Filters and in some applications the blow necessary to discharge the cake will blow out the caulking in the divisions strips. Wire winding is used to contain the caulking in the division strip. Some cakes require the scraper blade to contact the filter cloth for removal and this would wear out the filter cloth rapidly. With wire winding the scraper blade contacts the wire and not the filter cloth. Some applications in in an enclosed pressure vessel and it is difficult to replace the filter cloth. Wire winding will lengthen the life of the filter cloth in these applications.
NFM provides scraper blades of various types for wear resistance and long life with minimum wear on the filter cloth.
NFM supplies spray bars for cake washing to remove any soluble from the cake.

Installation Kit

Wire Winding

Scraper Blade

Cake Washing


Wash Blanket

PIP Edging

Belt Filter

Edge Tracker
NFM provides wash blankets for those applications where cake washing is required but the cake is so fragile it washes off. By washing through a wash blanket the cake is not disturbed.
NFM manufactures belts for vacuum belt drum filters from many synthetic fabrics suitable to the application and alignment system. This photo shows a filter belt with PIP edging for a guiding system complete with an Edge Tracker guide system.
NFM manufactures a wide range of drum filter cloths for vacuum drum filters including belt discharge drum filters. This shows the special Velcro fasteners and the PIP edging guide for a belt filter.
NFM manufactures a complete line of belt filter covers with various guidance systems and fasteners.
NFM manufactures continuous belts with clipper joints as shown. Velcro and zippers fasteners are also available.
NFM manufactures the continuous belt filters for vacuum filters. Shown is a special synthetic belt filter with the special elastomers edging and the sandwich tape.
NFM has many highly trained employees that are skilled in their profession with quality their most important product.
NFM manufactures a wide range of wet filtration products from many special synthetic fabrics with special yarns, weave and finishes. Show are the filter cloths for an Lasta Filter Press, a vacuum drum filter belt, a filter cloth for a filter press, a bag for a pressure filter, a disc sector bag and another filter press filter cloth. Many filter cloth items require specialty fittings such as grommets, eyelets, special reinforcements, special threads, Velcro, zippers and elastomers are manufactured by the NFM for customer’s specific requirements.

Clipper Joint

Sandwich Tape

Skilled Employees

Custom Products

Belt Filters

Traveling Belt

Cake Discharge

Discharge Rolls

NFM makes Vacuum Drum Belt Filters and the traveling belt that discharges the cake. On this type of filter the filter cloth is a traveling belt and is removed from the drum during the discharge cycle. The filter cloth is then cleaned with the shower bar and returned clean to repeat the filtering cycle.
The NFM filter cloth discharges the filter cake as it travels over the discharge roll.
NFM manufactures the rolls required for a traveling belt discharge including the spiral discharge roll, the wash roll and the return rolls.
NFM provides agitators to keep the slurry in suspension to assure even distribution in the tank.

String / Roll / Precoat / Pressure Vessel / Top Feed / Pilot


Roll Discharge



This is a vacuum drum filter with a string discharge. The strings life the cake from the filter cloth and discharge the cake as the strings travel over a discharge roll. The strings run through a comb and then are returned to the drum face in a continuous cycle.
For extremely sticky cakes such as Kaolin clay roll discharge is a very effective way of removing a sticky cake. NFM supplies many drum filter cloths for roll discharge filters.
A precoat filter is used when the slurry will blind (plug) the filter cloth forming only a paper thin cake. To over come this problem a precoat of diatomaceous earth or cellulose fiber is formed on the filter cloth up to 6” thick. With each revolution of the filter the scraper knife advances removing the thin cake and a minute layer of the precoat presenting a clean filtering surface area for each revolution.
The vacuum drum filter is totally enclosed in a pressure vessel due to the volatile product being filtered.
NFM top feed vacuum drum filter complete with NFM division strips and grids.
NFM has a pilot drum filter that can be used as a standard caulked drum filter or with a belt discharge mechanism. This pilot unit can be converted to a precoat filter application. This pilot unit can be rented for test work in the plant to determine the suitability in filtering the customer’s product and also in sizing full scale filters.

Top Feed

Pilot Filter

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