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Here are some of NFM's Dry Filtration Offerings:

  • Envelope Bags
  • Multi-Pocket Bags
  • Pulse Jet Bags
  • Reverse Air Bags
  • Shaker Bags
  • Pleated Bags and Cartridges
  • Bag House Accessories
  • Failed Bag Analysis and Consultation Services

We also have a long list of Filter Media Types and Finshes to choose from. Be sure to contact us to find what you need.

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Laser Cutting

Precision Cut

Tubing Line

Tubing Line
We used state-of-the-art laser cutters for precision cuts.
For precision - cut it with a laser..
High speed tubing equipment makes NFM the unquestioned leader for emergency deliveries.
High speed tubing line
Dust Bag fabrication
Dust Bag fabrication
All products put together with the best craftsmanship.
An eye for detail.




Quality Control




NFM’S MICRO-MAXX™ Ultra-efficient felt is new technology to improve efficiency and lower pressure drop.
  • 36% more efficient (ASTM D6830-02; PM 2.5 Outlet Concentration) than industry standard
  • 45% lower ΔP increase
  • 46% fewer pulses to maintain ΔP
Efficiency testing



  • High Efficiency Felt
  • Low Dust Penetration
  • Increased Airflow
  • Low Residual Dust Cake


  • Lower emissions and/or lost product
  • Lower ΔP, Longer Bag Life
  • Higher Production Rates
  • Less cleaning, reduced consumption of compressed air


Available Fibers

  • Polyester
  • Homopolymer Acrylic
  • PPS (Ryton)
  • Aramid (Nomex)
  • P-84
Baghouse accessories - Control
Baghouse accessories - Cages
Baghouse accessories - Peated Bags
Baghouse accessories - Leak Detection



Pleated Bags

Leak Detection


Dust Bags

Dust Bags

Dust Bag

Dust Bag
NFM manufactures many dust bags from various synthetic fibers of woven and non-woven fabrics for installation in ambient as well as high temperature applications. Dust bags are made in many sizes and shapes with special sewing and hardware for ease of installation.
A different view of the same quality manufactured dust bags from National Filter Media Corporation.
NFM consistently manufactures dust bags of the high quality and workmanship.
NFM quality dust bags made to your exact specifications and requirements.
NFM manufacturing facilities can tailor make your dust bags in any size or configuration to suit your application.
NFM specialty dust bag with grounding wire.
NFM specialty dust bags manufactured to precise specifications.
NFM special dust bag with hanger assembly.

Specialty Bag

Ground Wire

Specialty Bag

Hanger Assembly

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