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Vacuum Filtration Parts


NFM has available a wide range of parts for many makes and styles of filters both vacuum and pressure.

  • NFM filters
  • Eimco filters
  • Dorr/Oliver filters
  • Komline Sanderson filters
  • Westec filters
  • All makes of Horizontal Vacuum Belt filters
  • All makes Belt Press filters
  • All makes of Filter Press filters
Give NFM a drawing or the used part and NFM will make the replacement part quickly and economically.

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Edge Tracker - Caulking Kit - Bearings - Scraper Blades - Parts

Edge Tracker

Caulking Kit

Crank Pins

Scraper Blades
NFM was the first to develop this 3 wheel Edge Tracker and it has proven to be very successful.
This NFM caulking hammer will greatly reduce the time required for the installation of a drum filter cloth.
Crank Pins are used on the agitator that keeps the slurry in suspension.
NFM supplies many types of scraper blades for the vacuum drum and rotary disc filters. Many are custom made in the NFM manufacturing facilities.
NFM makes a wide range of composite material bearings for applications where metals are unsuitable.
A typical Trunnion Bearing used on vacuum drum filters and rotary disc filters.
This is the bearing liner that fits in the trunnion bearing. NFM can supply the liner in various materials and various sizes for many different vacuum filters both drum and disc.
This is a Stelmite scraper blade used on precoat filters. The Stellite scraper blades come in 3 sizes:
6” – 12” – 24”


Trunniion Bearing

Bearing Liner

Stelmite Blade

Grids - Division Strips - Caulking Parts


Grid Notching

Installation Tool

Division Strips
This is the NFM high flow grid in polypropylene. It can be made in nylon and also fiberglass reinforced for higher temperature applications and strength.
NFM can cut to exact size and notch the grids for exact fit in the vacuum drum filter.
The NFM grid installation tool makes it easier to install the NFM grids and helps to prevent grid breakage during installation.
NFM supplies the grid in polypropylene, glass filled polypropylene and nylon. NFM supplies division strips that hold the grid in place on the drum filter.
This is a sample of the NFM grid, division strip, the filter cloth caulked into the division strip with a 3/8” diameter polypropylene cord.
These variations of caulking are used on the end rings of a vacuum drum filter traveling belt unit to prevent side leakage of the slurry.
A NFM caulking wedge for those who prefer to do it the hard way!
Another NFM caulking wedge but still not as efficient as the caulking hammer.



Caulking Wedge

Caulking Wedge

Valves - Wear Plates - Bridge Blocks - Parts


Wear Plate

Wear Plates

16" Valve
NFM can supply a wide range of sizes of the multi-flex connector.
NFM supplies wear plates and the oil filled wear plate has proven to be very successful because it is self lubricating.
NFM supplies wear plates in many composite materials and also in various metals.
NFM makes valves in cast iron and steel as well as composite materials. Valves come in various sizes and many of the common sizes are stocked by NFM.
This is the largest of the NFM valves.
NFM composite valves are available in many sizes and configurations.
The valve is the heart of the filter and the bridge ring with bridge blocks are the heart of the valve.
Another view of the bridge plate and bridge blocks. The bridge plate and bridge blocks in the valve determine the slurry pickup zone, the drying zone and the discharge zone of the filter.

23.5" Valve

Plastic Valve

Bridge Blocks

Bridge Plate

Gears - Horizontal Filter Parts

Worm Gear


Worm Gear

Belt Take-up
Many of the vacuum drum and disc filters were driven with a bull gear, worm, speed reducer and motor.
This is a NFM typical worm.
NFM can supply the bull gear, worm, gear reducer and motor for all NFM filters and other manufacturers as well.
NFM can custom build an entire belt filter or just the component parts as shown in these belt take-up assemblies.
There are many rolls on a Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter and NFM can supply them all in various sizes and material of construction including those that are rubber covered.
Some drainage belts required a guide system and NFM can provide the rollers, etc. that are required.
NFM makes new and refurbished drive and tail pulleys.
NFM makes many type of rolls for Horizontal Vacuum Filters and Belts Presses. The spiral roll has 2 purposes in that it helps keep the filter cloth from wrinkling and usually helps in discharging the filter cake from the filter cloth.

Support Roller

Guide Rollers

Drive Pulley

Spiral Roll

Horizontal Filter Parts

Drainage Belt

Vacuum Pan

Slide Strips

Turcon Slide
The NFM Elastomer belt is the “heart” of the Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter. With the filter cloth on top to capture the solids, the liquid passes through the filter cloth into the drainage grooves of the belt and through the vacuum holes in the belt into the vacuum pan and the piping to the vacuum receiver and filtrate pump for a continuous operation.
NFM makes vacuum boxes for the Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters out of mild steel to the many exotic metals. Vacuum boxes can be rubber or urethane lined for maximum wear characteristics.
Turcon slide strips are a stock item at NFM.
Turcon slide strips come in 2 sizes – 1/4” wear surface and 3/8” wear surface.
This is the slide/guide for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters with wear belts that make the vacuum seal.
This is the slide/guide joint for the wear belt system.
This is the slide/guide end strip that is adjustable for the wear belt system.
Many of the older Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters had deckles to prevent side leakage. The seal between the deckle and the filter cloth is the deckle seal material. To keep the water distribution even many wash boxes are equipped with a wash box seal.

Wear Belt Slide Strips

Slide Joint
Slide Strip End
Elastomer Seals

Disc Filter Parts

Grid Sector

Frame & Bell

Sector Bell

Sector Clamp
NFM manufactures a very successful disc known as the grid insert sector that is light weight and economical.
This is an inside view of the frame and sector bell of the NFM grid insert sector.
This is a NFM fabricated sector bell. Sector bells can be provided fabricated, cast and in plastic according to the customer application for chemical and wear resistance.
This is a fabricated NFM Sector Clamp that holds the sectors in place on the center barrel.
These are cast iron sector clamps that have been refurbished.
This is the special NFM sector Ferrule with a metal insert for an excellent seal and long performance.
This is a standard NFM sector gasket.
The is a HDMW Polypropylene scraper blade.

Sector Clamps

Sector Ferrule
Sector Gasket
Scraper Blade

Disc and Drum Parts

Filter Tank

Agitator Shaft

Agitator Paddle

Center Barrel
This disc filter tank was made in the NFM manufacturing facilities for a 6’ diameter disc filter.
This is a NFM agitator shaft with the agitator paddles for a disc filter.
The NFM agitator paddle can be made of specialty metals and hardened to lengthen the overall life of the paddle.
This is a NFM manufactured external tube center barrel complete with trunnion and wear plate.
This disc filter tank was made in the NFM manufacturing facilities for a 6’ diameter disc filter.
For extremely heavy slurries a vacuum drum filter can still be used but the slurry is fed on the top of the filter rather than in the tank on the bottom thus taking advantage of gravity. NFM has manufactured a number of these top feed drum filters and this pictures shows the fabricated drum shell.
The NFM drum shell of the top feed vacuum drum filter.
NFM top feed vacuum drum filter complete with NFM division strips and grids.

Drum Shell
Top Feed Drum
Drum & Grids

Auxilliary Parts

Vacuum Receiverr

Machined Parts

Scraper  Paddles

Vibro Screen
NFM manufactures a complete range of vacuum receivers.
The NFM manufacturing facilities has a full line of equipment for drilling, shaping and finishing metallic and composite materials. If you can’t find the part you looking for NFM can make it for you.
The NFM scraper paddles were originally made to assist the discharge of the cake from filter presses. Now they have many applications such as cleaning up a deposit of cake in a discharge chute.
NFM makes vibrating screens from synthetic filter cloth as well as metallic screens.
The NFM self cleaning shower bar is very affective in keeping the spray nozzles from plugging.
NFM makes specialty items for many filter equipment manufacturers.
NFM makes specialty items for many filter equipment manufacturers.
NFM makes specialty items for many filter equipment manufacturers.
Shower Bar
Pannevis Roller
Pannevis Rollers
Demooning Asssembly

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