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Press Belt 

Press Belt


Exceptional Dewatering Products for the Water & Wastewater Industries

  • Nano Green™ - Nano Technology Belting
  • Performance™ - Heavy Weight Belt
  • Rayza Back™ - Reinforced Seam (30% Stronger Seam Option)
  • Rotary Drum Screen/RST Screens
  • Seamless Spiral Link (300 - 1000 CFM)
  • Line Card & Brochure

    Environmental Chemical Agents:
  • HOGWASH™ - Citrus Based Belt & Polymer Cleaner
  • BIO FLOAT™ - Natrual Lift Station Degreaser

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Press Belts

Belt Press Seals
Belt Press Seals
Belt Press Parts and Repair
Belt Press Parts & Repair

The Rayza-Back™ is a patent pending NFM proprietary seam that incorporates a 316 Stainless Steel Mesh Screen into the clips to add additional strength and rigidity to the belt without adding thickness to the seam.  It is designed to help resist belt wrinkles and tracking issues by adding reinforcement to the entire width of the belt seam.

26/8X - Heavy Weight™ data sheet [PDF]

24/8xG - Nano Green™ data sheet [PDF]

(Pictured)Stainless steel mesh pressed in the ends of the belt with clippers and coated with NFM's two part urethane.  This strengthens the area of the belt most abused, helps eliminate belt creasing and adds longevity to the belt life.

-Eco Seal™ Rubber wash seals for all models including NFM exclusive.

-Parts and services for most makes and models for presses

-UHMW Dr. Blades, Scrapers, Plow Chicanes, Grip Strips, etc.

-Belt Repirt Kits (2-Part Epoxy w/Large hook needle and Kevlar thread


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